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Top five government grants for startups

For a would-be entrepreneur, finding a business startup funding can be one of the biggest challenges. When launching a new business venture, many of us find it easier to make a great deal of research, prepare, and develop the skills needed for entrepreneurship, but have a difficult time coming up with the financial resources to get their new business off the ground.

As a first step, you should list the various potential sources of funding available to you and determine which approach will be best, given your own unique needs and time frames.

To begin with, you should first determine how much does it cost to launch your new business. The answer to this question depends largely on the type of business you are looking to start and the choices you make along the way. This includes determining whether you will need to purchase new equipment or not. Then, will you be renting or leasing a location for the business and, if so, will that space require any renovations?

Some businesses need to hire employees in order to operate properly. But luckily, many businesses (e.g. those that are Internet-based) can be started with minimal budget and run from home with no employees, inventory or any equipment other than a computer.

Whatever your business type is and you are looking to fund it, you need to check out this article to learn how the government can help you:

Borrowing to Invest

At some stage, most businesses and many individuals borrow to make a purchase or to invest. Whether it is cash loans for purchasing shares, or a large loan for an investment property or a new business, borrowing to invest can be beneficial. This process is also known as gearing and it includes any type of borrowing to invest.

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While gearing is often considered to be highly risky, there is good debt as well as bad debt and the association of high risk with gearing only applies if the borrower has failed to plan for their gearing.

The most obvious advantage of gearing is that it allows you to access more funds, allowing them to reap larger returns on investments. Having more funds available allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and diversify their investment portfolio. When a good speculative or share opportunity arises, you can have quick access to funds and will benefit from taking out a quick cash loan.

However, borrowing to invest can also become a disadvantage. That happens when the interest and costs associated with the investment are more than the income you receive from the shares, property, or any other kind of investment.

For more on borrowing to invest, read this article from Australian Securities Commission:

Cheese posties, flat-packed shoes, personalised potatoes: These are the world’s weirdest businesses

Starting a business regardless of its size is an exciting chapter of your life. Probably, it is the most challenging decision of one’s life – the fear of being regarded as a failure by yourself and the people around you is maybe the toughest hurdle to overcome.

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Glitter Bomb: Weird business idea

Leaving your job and starting your own business takes bravery. This decision may bring you plenty of challenges but it can potentially change your life if you make the right decisions and work hard.

There are many benefits you can get if you decide to become an entrepreneur. Probably, the most obvious is that you become your own boss. If you don’t like being told what to do, becoming an entrepreneur might be the right path to take especially if you have plenty of initiative and self-discipline.

Secondly, you get all the rewards. When your business generates income, you don’t have to share it with someone. No one else but you will benefit from the fruits of your labour.

Another reason why starting a business is an advantageous decision is that you choose what work to do. You have your own time so you have all the freedom you need to do whatever you want.

Indeed, there are many benefits of having your own business. However, there are also some challenges that come with it. Coming up with the right business idea is probably the toughest. Knowing what you really want is important even though it is weird.

For some of the world’s weirdest ideas, check out this post: